WISPR Portable Vaporizer

WISPR Portable Vaporizer for dry herb easy to use for vaping

  • wispr handheld vaporizer portableNo batteries required
  • Modern design that does not look like paraphanelia
  • Up to two hours of continuous vaporization
  • Short whip can cause hot hits
  • No temperature control

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Review for WISPR Portable Vaporizer

wispr vape for dry herbThe WISPR is manufactured by Oglesby & Butler Ltd, who have 25 years in butane-powered machine manufacture, in conjunction with a couple world-famous San Francisco design firms. We prefer the WHISPR over the Iolite for several reasons. For one, it produces thicker, tastier vapor!

Not only is the design improved over the Iolite, but yes, the WHISPR creates more vapor and uses less herb! It’s easier to use and heats up faster, plus it looks super cool. You can even have this little dandy sitting out when you have guests over and they will have no idea what the device is because of its lovely, modern design. The flexible, silicone mouthpiece tucks perfectly into the unit when not in use.

The WISPR Vaporizer combines the best features of the Iolite and adds improvements such a fuel gauge that tells you how much remaining fuel you have left in the unit. The device is factory-set at 374 degrees F, which many consider to be the most desired temperature for vaporization; for newcomers to vaporizing, having the temperature preset also takes the guesswork out of vaporization, though more experienced vaporizers might protest.

wisprcase for vaporizing weed portable vaporizerOnce activated, the WISPR automatically heats then reheats on it’s own once you have started the process, which is very convenient. The WISPR is designed with a patented flameless gas catalytic heater with thermostat, so your pot is guaranteed to never burn. This stylish portable vaporizer only weighs 4.5 oz and can easily fit in your backpack, glove box, purse, etc. We have taken this vaporizer into concerts and parks even without fear. Most people think it is a juice box with a straw, especially since we use the orange unit. We at Best Vaporizers were originally opposed to butane pieces like the Iolite because of the difficulty in filling the device and the occasional aftertaste of butane while vaping.

However, the WISPR Vaporizer has changed our minds. You fill the WISPR with Vector Butane, which costs about $6 a can and lasts months. One fill of butane can easily last all day with many vaporizing sessions. Other minor drawbacks include a lessened heating ability at higher altitudes, so this might be a concern if you plan on taking this device to the mountain. The WISPR’s straw is short and this can produce throat-burning effects if you toke too hard, but this problem is easily solved by drawing slowly. Only other gripe might be having to fill the WISPR daily with butane, but it is a small price to pay for such excellent quality vapor on-the-go.

Usage of WISPR Portable Vaporizer

wispr personal vaporizer for vapingThe WISPR Vaporizer is easy to use since the heating unit is preset. All you do is take a butane can and turn it upside down to insert its male piece into the WISPR’s female piece. You can tell when the WISPR is full by looking at the fuel gauge. Next, take the straw out and mash the bowl into your finely ground herb; tamp it in there with your thumb. Put the straw back into the WISPR. Turn the WISPR on by pressing down on the side button with your thumb to the first click. You’ll hear a hiss to indicate that the gas is flowing. Press down again all the way to the bottom to light the unit.

Once lit, a little light on the side of the unit will illuminate. When the light turns off, the unit has reached ideal temperature of 190 degrees Celsius or 374 degrees Fahrenheit. If using fresh pot, we recommend waiting three minutes to get the unit really heated and ready for maximum vaporizing. If re-heating previously vaporized weed, we wait an extra minute or so to get the bowl a little warmer. Be sure to use finely ground herb and you will get rich, thick hits with good flavor. When finished, push the switch upwards until it clicks. The heater is now off.

Tips & Tricks for WISPR Portable Vaporizer

iolite wispr kit for vaporizingStock up on butane, especially if this is your only vaporizer. It’s also a good idea to clean the screen once every two weeks with rubbing alcohol.

Just pop the screen out and soak it in alcohol for 30-60 minutes, then rinse with cold water and allow it to air dry. If you don’t have a lot of herb, a really great trick is to use the straw to suck up the herb pieces into the bowl before you insert the bowl into the WISPR unit.

Closing Recommendation

This is an ideal portable vaporizer that is a breeze to use once you figure out the butane filling process. The WISPR is stylish, reliable, and produces sweet, strong hits of vapor in the wind or in any setting.

More mechanized than the Magic Flight, the WISPR provides longer vaporizing potential over battery-operated models, as well as getting more hits off of the same amount of pot.

Vaporizer Features

  • iolite wispr vaporizer for herbsCordless & portable
  • Butane-powered
  • Heats up in 1-3 minutes
  • Stylish design with your choice of color
  • Leaves little to no residual odor, making it ideal for public use
  • Pre-set and precise temperature settings for no user error
  • Next generation improvements from a trusted vaporizer company
  • Is shipped in discreet packaging
  • Includes carrying case & cleaning tool kit
  • Replacement screen

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