Volcano Digital Vaporizer

Volcano Digital Vaporizer desktop for dry herbsVolcano Digital Vaporizer for dry herbs, one of the best desktop vaporizers for weed and bong

  • Easy, consistent, balloon-style vaporizing
  • No guesswork in operation
  • Sleek, modern design
  • High price
  • Does not offer whip-style vaporization

Buying Volcano Digital Vaporizer?
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Volcano Digital Vaporizer Review
volcano digital desktop vaporizer balloonAt nearly twice the cost of other weed vaporizers on the market, the Volcano Vaporizer does offer many qualities that justify its price IF you are only interested in bag or balloon-style vaporizing. As far as balloon vaporizers go,


it is the best of its kind and makes the balloon process as easy as 1-2-3 with efficient vapor being produced each and every time. The Volcano Vaporizer’s greatest asset are high-tech balloons (often called “bags”), precise temperature control, and convenience.

If you are smoking most often in a group setting, this is the best vaporizer you could ask for. The vaporization process is idiot-proof, plus the balloon just pops off and can be passed around so that everyone can enjoy a nice, thick hit from the bag. If you are smoking by yourself, you can also use this vaporizer by simply adding less weed to your filling chamber, which will result in less dense vape and therefor less waste.

We definitely recommend the Digital Volcano over the Classic Volcano as it allows for precise temperature control and also offers 30 minute shut-off, as well as a built-in air filtration system.

How to use Volcano Vaporizer

volcano vaporizer for cannabisThe Volcano’s vaporizing process is simple. You press a button to start the heating process at your determined temperature, which is clearly displayed on the system’s LED screen. This takes about 3-5 minutes. Add your pre-ground pot to the removable filling chamber, screw on its cap (which is also a valve), then place the filling chamber on the exhaust vent of the Volcano. Preheat the weed for five or so seconds then press a button labeled “Air” to turn on the unit’s fan. Hold the balloon or bag vertically and put it on the valve of the filling chamber until it locks into place. Once locked on, the balloon will inflate. Inflate until you feel the vapor in the bag is dense enough. With the Volcano, you can always get a nice, opaque balloon that is densely filled. Once filled, detach it from the machine and attach the mouthpiece. Long story short, you just heat the machine up, pop on the chamber and bag, inflate, then inhale.

The Volcano’s Easy Valve Mouthpiece is very convenient as it automatically closes after you are done drawing so no vapor is wasted. To use, just pull a little with your lips.


Upon release, the balloon’s valve just closes right up, keeping your precious vapor in the bag.

Tips & Tricks for Volcano Desktop Vaporizer
digital vaporizer for marijuana medical useAbout the vaporizer’s bags and balloons: Storz & Bickel recommends replacing them after 50-100 uses. You get a roll of material approximately 3 meters in length that you then cut into 5-6 balloons (also called “bags”). You can also use heat-proof oven hoses or oven bags; do not use plastic bags or cling wraps. The balloons and vape bags are great for group usage or if you want to have vaporized weed handy while sitting around for a half hour by yourself getting high. That being said, we find that if you leave the vapor in the balloons for two long, even a few hours and especially over time, the bags get sticky and smell funny, almost rank. We also believe that the potency of the vapor decreases over time, although many people claim that it does not. Again, this is just our personal experience.

Easy Valve versus Solid Valve: You throw the Easy Valve and bal


loon away after 150 uses, so you avoid cleaning issues but spend more money (a replacement set costs about $60). With the Solid Valve, you simply replace the balloon after 150 uses and clean the stainless steel valve (a balloon costs about $6).

Closing Recommendation for Volcano Digital Vaporizer

Volcano Digit Review vaporizer






So why spend $669.00 on the Volcano Digital? You want something easy and convenient, and you tend to smoke in groups where the balloons and bags are super fun to pass around. The Volcano Digital is extremely well-designed and a good introduction to vaporizing, but most vape users tend to migrate to the whip vaporizers in the end, such as the Extreme Q.

Vaporizer Volcano electronic vape Features
Volcano Digit electronic vaporizerPrecise electronic control
Precise temperature accuracy
Automatic switch-off
Includes custom Storz & Bickel Volcano grinder
Easy Valve Filling Chamber
5 Easy Valve Balloons/Bags
5 Easy Valve Mouthpieces
Valve Normal Screen Set
Easy Valve Liquid Pad for aromatherapy
Cleaning Tool
Built-in air filter and silencer
Specially designed aluminum heating block


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