Vapor Brothers Vaporizer

Vapor Brothers Vaporizer test, how to use, tips, price and review

  • One of the most trusted vaporizers
  • Silent, ultra-effective, & toxin-free
  • Uses less weed than other vaporizers
  • No balloon-filling capacity
  • Requires a few extra accessories for best experience

Vapor Brothers Vaporizer

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$174 – VaporWarehouse
You can only buy the VaporBrothers vape here. However, they offer little incentive.

VaporBrothers vaporizer Review 
Introduced in 1999, the Vaporbrothers vaporizer offers over a decade of perfection when it comes to its heating mechanism and effectiveness. Their vaporizer

vaporbrothers vaporizers for dry herbsuses a ceramic heating system that is factory tested and 3rd party lab verified for toxic-free operation. There are many knock-offs of this box-style vaporizer that claim to also use ceramic heating elements, but buyer beware, most of these other box vaporizers use glues and metal. In our opinion, clean vapor is the whole point of vaporizing, and it just does not make sense to inhale toxic elements just to save $50.
About Hands-Free versus Standard: just like driving a manual car, you will get a lot more control over your experience. By simply rolling the tip of the whip over the heat element, you can redirect the air flow to heat the herb in different angles and intensities. Not only does this save you the step of constantly stirring between sessions, but you will get more vapor per gram of pot, as well as saving a few dollars on the cost of the vaporizer. In addition, the Standard whip stays cooler than the Hands-Free whip, which delivers a smoother toke. Simply put, the Standard Vaporizer is Vaporbrothers’ most economical model and our tried-and-true preference.

Vapor Brothers Vapes

Usage of vaporizer VaporBrothers
Use the temperature control knob to select your desired heat setting. The 12 o’clock position is the most ideal unless you are getting too large of a hit and/or your weed is browning too quickly. Warm-up takes about 5 minutes, though we often let our VaporBrothers vaporizer heat up for about 7 minutes just to be sure it is ideally prepped.
Load the bowl part of the whip about 1/3 of the way full with pre-ground weed. Tamp down the pot to cover the screen completely. Then simply put the bowl against the heating element and slowly draw. Exhale, watching for white mist. If you blow out nothing but air, try again by drawing more slowly from a more loosely packed bowl. It might take a couple of tries to find your preference, but once you do, the VaporBrothers vaporizer is incredibly simple to operate.
Since you are using the whip manually, remove it from the heating element when you are done toking. That’s it!

Tips & Tricks for vaping with VaporBrothers vaporizer
buy vapor brothers vaporizer near meThe vaporizer itself requires practically no cleaning whatsoever, but you will need to replace the whip’s screen, which will become clogged with regular usage. You can either clean it with 90% isopropyl alcohol and saltwater in a plastic baggie or just buy yourself a new one. They are cheap and easy-to-find at head shops.
To replace the screen, pull the plastic whip off of the glass bowl. Use a hooked utensil like the VaporBrothers Whip Pick Tool to remove the old screen, then fold the new screen like a “taco” and use the bamboo stick that comes with the vaporizer and the hook utensil to pop the new screen into place. There are some great videos out there that show you exactly how to do this.
About the whip: we recommend the VaporBrothers Thin Whip if you are a solo smoker as you will get even more vapor per gram of weed. Our true recommendation is the EZ Whip, however, for ease of use and its nifty ceramic screens. Whatever whip you use, it will need to be cleaned every couple of months in order to still deliver clean-tasting vapor. VaporBrothers hoses are very cheap, only about $3, which is also an option if you do not feel like cleaning. We have found that the screen does not need to be replaced if the whip is cleaned or replaced regularly.
We also suggest getting the VaporBrothers Whip Pick Tool in addition to the bamboo pick stick that comes included. If you can afford it, get the EZ Change Whip to avoid any hassles with changing the screen or needing the extra pick tool.

Closing Recommendation for VaporBrothers vaporizer
vapor brothers vaporizer online shopTruly a homage to the lost art of quality, the VaporBrothers Vaporizer is the best vaporizer on the market for under $200. The unit looks nice, uses less herbs, and provides the best overall experience.
Vaporizer Features
100% Pure Ceramic Element
Beautiful wood design
3′ Class IV Medical Grade BPA-free, DEHP-free hose
Glass Mouthpiece
Heats up in 5 minutes
No waiting to apply bowl to heating element

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