Vapir NO2 Portable Vaporizer

vapir no2 vaporizer review for dry herb vape penVapir NO2 Portable dry herb vaporizer

  • vapir case portable vaporizer for marijuana

    Best temperature control of any portable vape

  • Heats up fast & accurately
  • Portable, safe, & effective
  • Not as discreet as other portable vapes
  • Difficult to change screen
  • Accidentally reheats pot if left in bowl for 2nd session

Buying Vapir herbal vaporizer?

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Free grinder with purchase. Excellent customer service.
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$179 – GotVape
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Review of weed vaporizer

vapir vaporizers for weed and marijuana

The Vapir NO2 is bigger than other portable vaporizers on the market, but far superior in a number of ways. Unlike butane-powered vaporizers that are difficult to fill, for instance, the Vapir NO2 Portalbe Vaporizer uses a rechargeable battery system to power its stainless steel-encased, pure brass heating element. Another great feature is that the battery fits internally into the Vapir NO2 unit, making carrying around a separate battery pack unnecessary. Using the Vapir at home, too? Not a problem! You can simultaneously charge while you vape.
The Vapir NO2’s LED screen allows for precise temperature control, as well as remembering your favorite temperature. The vapor it produces is smooth and flavorful, exactly as advertised. The Vapir NO2 does not use a fan, so you must draw the vapor out by inhaling, which gives you greater control over intensity of the hit. If you use the Vapir Mouthpiece, which we highly recommend, the vapor will cool slightly and not burn the back of your throat.

The newest Vapir NO2 Portable Vaporizer heats up to 380 degrees F when plugged into a wall outlet about 90 seconds and in 2-3 minutes when solely using the battery. The battery lasts anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes depending on how you use the unit.

Usage of herb portable vaporizer
vapir portable vaporizer best shopHeat your Vapir NO2 to the desired temperature; we recommend 380 degrees F. Once heated, the Ready Control Light turns from red to green. Unscrew the mouthpiece and fill the mesh bowl with finely pre-ground pot. The newer model has a bigger bowl, but we only fill ours about halfway and here’s why: if you only vaporize part of what you pack, you will waste weed when re-vaporizing since the bowl and weed contained therein will endure the 2-3 minute heat-up time and get vaporized unnecessarily. If you want to avoid re-heating your weed, you need to either hold the Vapir NO2 upside down and tap the pot out, or dig it out with some sort of utensil.

Since you are removing the top when loading the bowl, the temperature may drop up to 10 degrees, so it’s best to load as quickly as possible. We load the weed quickly and hit right away.

Other than these minor issues, the Vapir NO2 is extremely easy to use for indoor, outdoor, individual, and group vaporization. Its precision temperature control produces thick and delicious vapor every time, more than any other portable vaporizer that we have used.

Tips & Tricks for dry herb portable vaporizers
vapir no2 portable vaporizerAbout changing the Vapir NO2 screen: this is more difficult than we anticipated and our number one complaint. However, it’s not to hard to do with practice, and we only change our screen about once every six months with daily vaporization.

Take the little bamboo spatula that comes with the unit. Use it to pull and grab the screen out as your turn the vaporizer with your other hand; this ensures that the screen will come out evenly.

The bowl-like screen will pop out. We recommend replacing the screen with a new screen as it likely get deformed while you removed it. Use the bamboo tool to lightly push the new screen into place.

The Vapir NO2 has a small space for the sides of the new screen to fit, and the screen’s sides will snap into place easily if you do not use too much force.

The screen on the top cap of the vaporizer is removed and replaced in the exact same way. This top screen requires even less changing; only once a year if at all.

Closing Recommendation for vapir vaporizer portable
pen portable vaporizers for dry herb weed.pngThe Vapir NO2 offers the best of both worlds when it comes to vaporization: precise temperature control, portability, and consistently thick vapor.

In terms of price, it is worth every penny as the unit is reliable, safe, and made from food-grade components with your health in mind.

Simply put, the Vapir NO2 gets the job done better than any vape at this price point.

Vaporizer Features

Internal Re-Chargeable Battery
Power Cord (will power unit + charge battery)
1 X-Tip Mouthpiece
1 Wire Cleaning Brush
1 Matrix Tube Attachment
2 Bamboo Cleaning Sticks
1 Herbal Scooping Cup
2 Extra Mesh Screens
Stainless Steel Encased, Pure Brass Heating Element to Deliver Completely Clean Heat
Digital Temperature Display
Temperature Memory Recall & Accuracy
Portable & Compact (8″ x 1.5″)
Can Be Charged While in Use
Optional Wall Charger
20 Minute Safety Heat Shut-Off
Made in the USA

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