Iolite Portable Vaporizer

personal vaporizer for dry herbs marijuanaIolite Portable Vaporizer for personal use of medical marijuana

  • No batteries required
  • Discreet and pocket-sized
  • Up to two hours of continuous vaporization
  • Filling with butane can be tricky
  • Occasional butane taste upon inhale

Buying Iolite Portable Vaporizer?
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Review Portable Vaporizer

iolite portable vaporizer colorsThis portable vaporizer is manufactured by Oglesby & Butler Ltd, who have 25 years in butane-powered machine manufacture, so it’s definitely a reliable device and should be considered one of the best portable vaporizers available. The Iolite looks very inconspicuous. Any passer by with no knowlege of the product would think that you are using a walkie talkie or handheld radio. The unit looks a little cheap, but it is actually an extremely well-built machine that produces thick vapor with little residual smell.
The device is factory-set at 374 degrees F, which many consider to be an ideal temperature for vaporization; this also takes the guesswork out of vaporization if you are just getting used to vaporizers. The Iolite is designed with a patented flameless gas catalytic heater with thermostat, so your pot is guaranteed to never burn. This stylish portable vaporizer only weighs 2.8 oz and can easily fit in your pocket, glove box, purse, etc. We have taken this vaporizer into concerts and restaurants even without fear. The Iolite is surprisingly light and holds in the hand easily due to its rounded corners. The included carrying case is a nice touch.

Our biggest complaint was figuring out how to fill the Iolite and what to fill type of butane to fill it with, but this small inconvenience is outweighed by the Iolite’s reliability and effectiveness. The butane also lasts longer than batteries. You fill the Iilote with Vector Butane, which costs about $6 a can and lasts months. The Iolite also has separate chambers for butane vapors, so are hypothetically never supposed to inhale butane, but if you draw before the vaporizer is properly heated, you may taste a bit of butane.

Usage of Iolite Portable Vaporizer
Iolite Portable Vaporizer factor how to useThe Iolite is easy to use. The mouthpiece straw and chamber pull out so you can load it with pre-ground weed. Then you simply push the igniter button and the Iolite heats up remarkably fast. A light on the vaporizer’s side lets you know when the ideal temperature has been reached, typically in about 2-3 minutes. If using fresh pot, you can draw right away. If re-heating previously vaporized weed, we wait an extra minute or so to get the bowl a little warmer. Be sure to use finely ground herb and you will get rich, thick hits with good flavor. We also upgraded to a longer mouthpiece in order to get cooler hits, though the mouthpiece that comes with the unit is fine if you don’t mind a the slightest burning sensation in the back of your throat when toking.

The best way to fill the Iolite is with a can of “vector butane,” which offers a male piece to insert into the the Iolite’s valve. You hold the Iolite in your hand upright and the butane can upside down, then fill it up. The only way to know if the vaporizer is filled is to continue filling until the butane spills out over the sides. Not ideal, but the butane does evaporate immediately and is not dangerous to the touch. A fully filled Iolite will give you about two hours worth of continuous vaporization and about one week’s worth of individual vaporizing.

Tips & Tricks
iolite portable vaporizer blue for vapingAbout maintenance: if you are using this exclusively as your daily vaporizer, it’s a good idea to clean the filter and metal chamber once every two weeks with rubbing alcohol.

The Iolite comes with a brass cleaning tool and its screens snap out easily. We also use rubbing alcohol to clean the screens, and this whole process keeps the vapor tasting super fresh and pure.

Typically we just clean the Iolite after the butane has run out.

Closing Recommendation for vaping
This is an ideal portable vaporizer that is a snap to use once you figure out the butane filling process. The Iolite is stylish, reliable, and produces sweet, strong hits of vapor in the wind or in any setting. More mechanized than the Magic Flight, the Iolite provides longer vaporizing potential over battery-operated models, as well as getting more hits off of the same amount of pot.

Portable Vaporizer Features
Iolite portable vaporizer Heating ChamberCordless & portable
Heats up in 2-3 minutes
Stylish design with your choice of color
Extra Screen for the filling chamber
Carrying zip case
Cleaning brush
Brass maintenance tool for cleaning
Extendable Mouthpiece
Leaves little to no residual odor, making it ideal for public use
Pre-set and precise temperature settings for no user error
Is shipped in discreet packaging

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