Extreme Q Vaporizer

Extreme Q Vaporizer
Extreme Q Vaporizer

Multi-functional with both whip and balloon usage
Reliable, effective, low maintenance.
Great value and mid-range price
Tricky to use as a balloon vaporizer
Lots of marketing scams happening: do not buy an older model or just the tower

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$299 – Arizer
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Extreme Q vaporizer

The best vaporizer of 2016 in our opinion is Extreme Q Vaporizer, which is manufactured from Arizer, a Canadian company with a great track record. It is the vaporizer of choice if you want precise control over temperature and weed conservation. When used correctly, the Extreme Q produces excellent quality vapor again and again from the same bowl. We appreciate its finely tuned, silent mechanics and sleek, modern design…plus it gets you extremely high. The glass and whip tubing is of the finest food grade quality, and you do get the best vaporizer for the money in this case.

By drawing slowly from the whip, we can get 10-12 hits per bowl. The Extreme Q goes the distance when it comes to getting the maximum usage out of your pot. It is reliable and also inconspicuous. Set out by your computer, it looks like just some sort of electronic accessory.

Be careful when purchasing this vaporizer, however. It has come down in price in the last year (it used to cost $300), but there are even cheaper Extreme Qs being sold that are older models of the unit. Also, be sure that you do not just buy the tower. You’ll need all of the accessories.
extreme vaporizer to buyAfter much experimentation, we finally figured out that if you heat up the vaporizer to 392 degrees F, and then put the *empty* Cyclone Bowl (the glass heating chamber into which you insert your herb) on the unit’s female piece, you will get the most effective and fast vaporization. So, from the beginning, turn on the unit and let it heat up to 392. The Extreme Q’s user-friendly LED indicator screen shows you the temperature as it heats. Once the desired temperature is reached, put the empty Cyclone Bowl on the Cyclone receptacle for five to seven minutes until it is hot to the touch. Pro tip: use the remote to put the fan on the lowest setting and heat the Cyclone bowl even faster, then turn it off once the Extreme Q temperature reaches 392 F.

Once heated, use a small spoon or knife to fill the Cyclone Bowl with a teaspoon of a finely ground pot. You’ll quickly discover that too little weed does not provide adequate vaporization while too much weed (i.e., stuffing the Cyclone Bowl full) is unnecessary. Slowly inhale through the tube. We find that the slower you inhale, the more vaporizer fumes you will successfully intake. Once finished with your toke, you can leave the Cyclone Bowl on the Extreme Q for about 30 seconds to one minute without risking unnecessary heat damage to the bud.

extreme vape 3

If you are finished smoking, turn off the Extreme Q and remove the glass Cyclone Bowl for revisiting later. Yes, you can reheat and smoke weed that has been already vaporized! If you do plan to reuse a previously toked bowl, do not worry about heating the Cyclone Bowl first as described above. Instead, heat up the Extreme Q tower to 392 then place the weed-filled Cyclone Bowl onto its receptacle while you clean out the top screen with the glass poker. Put the Cyclone Bowl on and let it warm up for 30-60 seconds before beginning to inhale. You’ll see wisps of smoke forming in the bowl and the L-shaped whip piece. Draw up and down slowly so that you can see the tiny pot pieces gently rising up and down. This way, you get the most heat distribution over each tiny piece of the pot.

Another nice function of smoking with the 360-degree swivel whip is that allows you to draw air while moving the whip around the Extreme Q tower without restriction.


Tips & Tricks
best vaporizersAbout screens: each Extreme Q comes with a flat, circular screen that rests on the middle of the Cyclone Bowl. It is a traditional sized screen that you can find at most head shops. The mouthpiece screen, however, is shaped like a small bowl and needs to clean about once a month if you are using the vaporizer daily. You can use the glass tool to scrape the filter clean, but every couple weeks you should just submerge it in rubbing alcohol for a half an hour then rinse and dry. Get ready for big tokes!

Another thing about the Cyclone screen: if you draw too hard or quickly, it can flip over within the Cyclone bowl. If this happens, just tap the screen back into place and be sure to draw less powerfully in the future. A long, slow draw makes the machine operates best on numerous levels.

As with all vaporizers, use a grinder to grind your pot into fine particulates. This will allow maximum surface area from which to extra TCH. Stir the Cyclone bowl after every 5th hit or between sessions.

About filling balloons: we have to be honest and say that we don’t ever use the Extreme Q for balloons. The best vaporizer for balloons is the Volcano, hands down. We tried using the Extreme Q for balloons but found it to be a bit labor-intensive. The Extreme Q kicks ass when it comes to whipping vaporizers and is the best whip vaporizer on the market, and really, that is enough for us.

extreme vaporizer to buy

Here is what we can tell you about Extreme Q balloons: use the Cyclone Bowl piece and the glass elbow adapter, which connects to the mouth of the balloon. Set the fan speed to determine how quickly you want the balloon filled. Try the highest fan setting, which will fill your balloon in approximately a minute. The hardest part of using the Extreme Q for balloon vaping is getting the balloon attached to the whip. The bag attachment piece comes with two tiny rubber bands, but we just use a thick, grocery store band to attach our balloons if we ever use them, which is rare with this machine.


Closing Recommendation
So why buy the Arizer Extreme Q? It is very easy to use, requires little cleaning, and consistently smokes cool and fresh. Each draw from the whip produces the sweetest, greenest vapor you can imagine. The Extreme Q is a great vaporizer for the price, especially if you are an individual user and not ready to drop big bucks on a vaporizer like the Volcano. However, if you are looking for vaporizer more optimized for balloon usage, the Volcano may be a better choice for you.

Vaporizer Features
Precision Temperature Control with triple heat sensors
Ceramic Heater with Lifetime Warranty
Two Upright Cyclone Bowls with screen disc and cool touch topper
Two replacement Cyclone screen discs
Long Whip for smooth, cool vapor
Two Glass Mouthpieces for end of whip
Art Glass Stirring Tool
Short Whip for balloon filling
Two Detachable Balloons for group usage
Timer with Auto Shut-Off
Insulated Dual Wall Stainless Steel Housing
Remote Control
LED Indicator Lights to show the unit’s status
Sleek, high-tech design for household display
Insulated Stainless steel for cool-to-the-touch usage

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