Da Buddha Vaporizer

Da Buddha Vaporizer a desktop vaporizer for dry herbs from weed, cannabis to marijuana bong

da buddha desktop vaporizer for weed

  • Whip-Style Vaping at an Affordable Price
  • High Quality Ceramic Heating Unit
  • Hands-Free for Easy Vaping
  • Simple Temperature Control
  • Weed Can Touch the Heating Unit

Review of Da Buddha Vaporizer

If you really want to maximize your vaporization while also conserving your weed, whip-style vaporization is the way to go. We love our Da Buddha for it’s ease of use, extra-long whip, ceramic heating unit, and the sweet, sweet vapor that it produces. The Da Buddha is different from other whip-style vaporizers on the market in two notable ways: it is hands-free (meaning you don’t have to hold the bowl to the heating element) and the unit does not have precise temperature controls. Many vaping purists will tell you that precise temperature control is a must, b

ut it is ultimately up to the user to determine an acceptable temperature no matter if the machine handles temperature adjustment digitally or manually. Our favorite setting is at the 1 o’clock position on the dial.

dabuddha vaporizer for dry herb

We also use an Extreme Q and see nearly identical vaporizing at this level with the Da Buddha. Our Extreme Q is set at 374 degrees Fahrenheit, which is considered to be the ideal. The Da Buddha is easy to set up right out of the box. It has a wide, beautiful whip that allows the user to easily see how much vapor is being inhaled, with the extra benefit of cooling the vapor as it travels. No harsh hits with this vape! The Da Buddha Vaporizer also uses a state-of-the-art, ceramic heater that heats up in about two minutes. Why is this heater so important? Other vaporizers in this price range use electronic heaters, which can taint the flavor of the vapor with a plastic or metallic taste, as well as putting questionable fumes into the vapor before it hits your lungs. The design of the Da Buddha is simple and clean. If you detach the wand and whip, then turn the vaporizer to its side, it looks like a vase, which can be handy if you have non-toking guests over. We are also into keeping our vaporizers clean in order to achieve best flavor and potency, and the Da Buddha is easy to clean. Its “Easy Change Wand” detaches easily and can be soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Usage of Da Buddha Vaporizer

process vaporplants vaporizer-da-buddha-black-how-to-use-da-bnuddha dry herb vaporizerWhen first setting up, take the glass mouthpiece and glass wand from pockets from within the padded bag. You’ll need to insert the rubber tubing into the wand; you can make this process much easier by simply dipping the rubber tubing into water before you begin inserting it. The mouthpiece goes into the other end of the tubing and is easy to insert (and remove for later cleaning). Get a chopstick and tamp a fresh screen down into the bowl end of the wand. For the first use, turn the machine on max heat for five minutes, allow to cool completely, then heat on max again for five minutes.

Da Buddha Vaporizer useThis is just to burn off any manufacturing oils. For everyday use, turn the unit on to the 1 o’clock position and wait 2-3 minutes for it to heat up. Take your finely ground herb and put a small amount into the bowl (about 1/8th to 1/4th of the bowl), then gently push it down with a chopstick or stir stick. You do not want loose herb touching the heating element! Once the bowl is loaded, gently twist it onto the heating element. Wait about 30 seconds for the weed to be slightly heated, then proceed to draw long, slow tokes – the longer, the better. You should see the vapor flowing through the whip at a steady rate as you inhale. Hold the vapor deep in your lungs for, well, as long as you can.

Tips & Tricks for Da Buddha Vaporizer

heating element Da Buddha VaporizerDon’t blow the vapor back in while toking! This is a draw-only vaporizer. If you inhale and exhale the vapor through the whip, you can blow pieces of pot onto the heating unit and even cause a little combustion. On the subject of pot pieces hitting the heating unit, another smart tip is to angle your screen just slightly so that the weed does not face the heating unit at a straight-on angle. If you don’t overfill your bowl, however, you should not have to worry about weed pieces hitting the heating element. It’s never happened to us.

Between hits or vaping sessions, you can easily stir your weed to increase maximum surface area and the efficiency of the vaporization. Once finished vaporizing, disconnect the wand from the heating unit and blow through the mouthpiece to get the weed out easier. Remember, though, that you can often re-vape previously vaped weed. A good trick is to vape already vaped weed at a higher temperature.

Closing Recommendation

Da Buddha Vaporizer to buy from vape shopDa Buddha Vaporizer is a well-made, whip-style vaporizer that rivals other vaporizers on the market for potency and flavor for under $200. It’s easy to use and most importantly, produces excellent vapor! We love the Da Buddha’s ceramic heating unit and simple design. This unit will be appreciated by both novices and long-term vaporizing fans who do not need fancy LED lights or fan control.

Vaporizer Features

  • Best Whip-Style Vaporizer for the Price
  • High Quality Ceramic Heating Unit
  • Adjustable Temperature Control System
  • Free Padded Storage Bag
  • Extra-Long Whip for Smooth Hits
  • Heats Up Fast
  • Built in USA

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