Arizer Solo portable vaporizer

Arizer Solo portable vaporizer for weed or other herbs like cannabis or marijuana for recreation

  • arizer solo portable vaporizerTotal temperature control
  • Produces most vapor of any portable vaporizer
  • Easy-to-clean pieces
  • Mouthpiece needs screens to work properly
  • Bowl size is a bit small for group sessions

Review of Arizer Solo portable vaporizer

The Arizer Solo blows all other portable vapes out of the water when it comes to quality construction, ease of use, and total amount of vapor produced. If you’ve even used a Magic Flight Launch Box before, you’ll only need to use the Arizer Solo once to know you are in a whole different league of vaping.

vaporizers to buy best vapors shopThe Solo Portable Vaporizer is manufactured using only the highest quality components and materials, and this makes a difference in amount and quality of vapor. Instead of plastic or vinyl tubing, the Arizer Solo’s mouthpiece is made from borosilicate glass so that the user can really taste the vapor; glass is also much easier to clean. The Arizer Solo uses a ceramic heating element, which heats up fast and is also the healthiest, non-toxic kind of heating element a vaporizer can have (which is important considering you are inhaling directly into your lungs).

Best yet, the Arizer Solo Vaporizer offers maximum extraction of your weed. Like its big brother the Extreme Q, you can take a couple of hits of vape, turn the machine off, then come back and hit it again. We’ve noticed that we use a lot less weed using the Solo as our portable vape.

Temperature control also differentiates this portable vaporizer from anything else on the market. These are the seven temperature settings for the Arizer Solo:

Arizer Solo vape pan for sale1 = 50°C / 122°F
2 = 185°C / 365°F
3 = 190°C / 374°F
4 = 195°C / 383°F
5 = 200°C / 393°F
6 = 205°C / 401°F
7 = 210°C / 410°F

Though the ideal temperature is setting 3 at 374° F, it’s nice to be able to kick the temp up a notch or two if you are re-vaping old weed or want the most potent, hardest hitting vapor in a hurry without concern for conserving.

The Arizer Solo uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that allows for 6 to 8 heating sessions before needing to be recharged. The batteries are charged using a unit that plugs into the wall: it’s a piece of cake. Charging takes about 2 hours, though the unit is cleverly designed with LEDs to show power level while charging.

Usage of Arizer Solo vaporizer

Arizer Solo ReviewTo use, simple turn the machine on by simultaneously pressing the silver up and down arrow buttons. The Arizer Solo will beep and go into standby mode, which means it is automatically heating to the first level. Choose your desired temperature level by using the arrow button. We recommend Level 3. The unit heats up in about two minutes, but requires more time for higher temperature settings. The top orange light on the unit will stop blinking when the desired temperature is reached.
Fill the bowl part of the glass mouthpiece with herb ground up using a grinder. We recommend using a screen in the bowl to prevent tiny pieces of herb from being inhaled. Once filled, flip the unit upside down and pop the bowl into the unit. Wait about 30 seconds for the herb to be heated inside the chamber, then draw from the mouthpiece using slow, steady inhales. You’ll see the vapor pass through the glass. Be sure to hold the vapor in your lungs for a good ten seconds for maximum highness.

You should turn the Arizer Solo off after use, but if you forget, it has a battery saving automatic shut-off feature after 12 minutes of non-use. Pretty nifty.

Tips & Tricks

Solo ll vaporizers for dry herbs or weed vapingScreens: buy a few when buying this vaporizer. Even though the mouthpiece is intended to function without screens, you’ll get the best vapor if you grind your weed and put it into the bowl with a screen. The screen keeps small pieces from being sucked into your throat as you inhale (clearly undesirable). It’s easy to clean the screens; every couple weeks you should just submerge your screen in rubbing alcohol for a half an hour then rinse with water and dry. Voila!

You can also soak the glass mouthpiece in rubbing alcohol, as needed. Cleaning the screens and the glass will keep your vapor tasty and fresh. Another plus of the Arizer Solo is design of the heating chamber in the unit. Because nothing gets burned or left behind, you can just blow into the chamber and it is clean.

The Arizer Solo does have a strong electronic smell when you first heat it up out of the box. We recommend running it through a series of cycles by heating it to the maximum level for five minutes and then letting it cool off completely, then repeating.

Closing Recommendation

We have always recommended that serious tokers have a whip-style vaporizer for home, everyday usage and a portable vape as a back-up, but the Arizer Solo can indeed be your only vaporizer because it’s just that good. From its solid aluminum design to its easy-to-clean parts, this thoughtfully designed machine produces just as much vapor as any non-portable vaporizer. It might seem expensive, but you’ll get your money back tenfold when you consider this device’s excellent weed extraction per vapor produced.
Arizer Solo portable vaporizer for bong and marijuanaVaporizer Features
Temperature Control
Ceramic Heating Unit
Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece & Bowl
Produces Thick, Clean, Tasty Vapor!
Inconspicuous – Looks Like a Soda Can with a Straw
A/C Wall Charger & Long-Lasting Batteries
Automatic Shutoff After 12 Minutes
Components Are Easy-to-Clean & Durable
Comes with Two Glass Mouthpieces
Two Year Warranty

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