About us

We are a team of five smokers who started vaporizing in 2004. Since then, we have purchased and used most of the home vaporizers and portable vaporizers available for purchase. The vaporizers you see on this site are our personal favorites and the vapes that we recommend most highly in terms of quality and price. If you don’t see a certain vaporizer on this site, it’s because we find it to be unsafe, ineffective, or poor quality. Only the best is our policy! In our search for the best vaporizer, we encountered a lot of frustration trying to find honest information about how to vaporize marijuana, which why we vaporize. This site contains our collective vaporizers reviews and our advice for vaporizing pot. We hope you find the site to be useful in your search. We greatly appreciate it when you click through our site to purchase your vaporizer as it helps us maintain our efforts. Thank you!